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Drop-In Improv Classes

High commitment comedy in low commitment classes.

Be your own creator and jump in to the world of improv comedy. Check out our schedule for Drop-In Improv classes in Vancouver, BC.

You don't need experience, training or even a notebook. Show up with your open mind and a thirst to have fun.

We welcome everyone from the emerging comic, seasoned business professional, regular hard-working Vancouverite and everyone in between.

Meet the Instructor

Rachelle Tomm

Whether in front or behind the camera, on or off the stage, or sitting in rush hour on a Friday night; Rachelle prides herself with being an artist full of soul.

Rachelle launched her improv path in 2010 with the creation of improv troupe, Unscripted Chaos.

Since those humble days of riling up bar crowds and willing friends into hiring their team, Rachelle had completed a 3-year intensive acting program through SeaCoast Studios, studied with acting coach Ben Immanuel, pocketed a Class 1 driver's licence, trained through Second City and The Groundlings Comedy Theatres and attended her 2020 Harvard commencement ceremony in Psychology.

Today Rachelle can be see following forest service roads as far as her truck will take her and throwing sticks for her mini-Australian Shepard, Millie.

But above all, she cares about people, how they learn and how daring they can be with their creativity.

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No shortage of fun.


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